About Us


Clear and Shared Focus: We believe the purpose of school is to meet the educational needs of every student.

High Standards and Expectations for All Students: We believe students can learn and will be challenged to meet higher standards.

Decision-Making: We believe in decision-making which is based on best practices, collaboration, and data.

Collaboration Among Staff and Stakeholders: We believe in teamwork where staff and stakeholders identify problems and work together on solutions.

Policies and Procedures: We believe effective school leaders must align policies and procedures to maintain focus on student learning.

Communication: We believe effective communication between school and appropriate stakeholders has a positive impact on student learning.

Linkage Between Beliefs, Vision and Mission: We believe our commitment to high standards will strengthen student success.

Mission Statement:

Lifelong Commitment to High Standards

LCHS will graduate educated, prepared, productive, and morally responsible individuals who share a lifelong commitment to high standards.


The shared vision of Lawrence County High School is for all students to achieve high academic, moral and social standards, in order to attain lifelong success.

Lawrence County High School

1800 Spring Road

Lawrenceburg, TN 38464

Phone: 931-762-9412

Fax: 931-766-0761